UK web hosts: Some are better than others

There are a lot of web hosting companies in UK which provides a wide variety of services to its customers. Some are better than others on the basis of its price, features, reliability and other customer service. It is a pretty much difficult to find out which is the best web hosting company of all. You can depend on the reviews of various web hosting companies provided by the different sites on the web. The best web hosting companies will provide customers with the best package of services and are flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the website. With right hosting service, the user won’t have to worry about the management of the website. Undoubtedly the best web hosting company will provide users with the most powerful tools and features. There are a lot of factors to be taken into concern while dealing with the UK web hosts. Some of those factors are: –


  • Hosting package: – Most of the UK based web hosting companies provide monthly subscriptions and several other tiers of service. Some of the hosts also provide features like virtual private servers and manager servers too whereas some other hosts also provide specialized features like unlimited disk space and bandwidth and free domains In some other cases, they might even put caps on the services provided for the customers.
  • Features: – The web hosting companies that gives you access to a full list of features can be added to the list of the best companies. These features include the tools that include everything that a customer needs to build, launch and maintain in their sites. Site builder, SSL certificate, control panel, etc. are important for the management of the website. The customer will also look for unlimited email functionality, auto responders and spam filter options also. Domain check and domain registration services must also be included under the features provided by the UK web hosts.
  • Ease to use the site: – The easiness of the customers in using the website is an important factor for gaining the maximum popularity for the company. It is a complex process and the customers must not feel that the website provided for them is time consuming and daunting. Intuitive interfaces are good for making the site user friendly and at the same time it will help to make the site management straightforward too.
  • Customer support: – It is very important to provide the customers with maximum technical and infrastructural support. The website provided by the company can experience problems at any hour of the day. Therefore, it is the duty of the web hosting company to provide twenty four hours customer service to the users. The company must make the users feel that they can rely on them at any point of time. The customer service group must comprise of responsive support representatives who should be helpful and at the same time knowledgeable too. Some of the hosts include user forums, video tutorials and other helpful documentation in order to support the customers.

Who to trust for web hosting ranking?

In today’s era of internet and computers, there are more than a hundred web hosting companies all around the world that provide all types of hosting plans as per the needs of the customers. In such a situation, it is a pretty much difficult task to assimilate the best hosting companies on the basis of their prices, features, performance and customer service. The web hosting is of different types like shared web hosting, cloud web hosting, VPS web hosting, dedicated web hosting and reseller web hosting. Here are some of the points to be kept in mind while carrying out with the web hosting ranking. Those points are stated below: –

  • Reputation: – This is the prime concern of every customer while dealing with a web hosting company. The popularity and goodwill of the web hosting company matters a lot when going for a ranking system. The time period in which the company came into existence are also taken into concern while going ahead with the procedures.
  • Speed: – It is one of the basic requirements of every web hosting company. The users must be able to carry out their works with the web easily as well as quickly. There should not be a traffic jam in the midst of the work.


  • Reliability: – Every user would go for a web hosting company to which they can rely on for each and every thing. The company must assure complete reliability and the uptime must be set for the maximum. Top performers in this field will provide the customers with the maximum uptime and support.
  • Features: – The customers will always take a glance at the features provided by various web hosting companies. They would make a statistics on all the companies and would choose that particular company which has the most salient and unique features and that too at low cost or even at free of cost. Some of the main features that a customer would like to have are unlimited space and bandwidth, unlimited sites, free domain and wordpress hosting too.
  • Support: – Customer service is one important factor that determines the ranking of a Every web hosting company assures the customers 24 * 7 uptime while many of them fail to do so. The customers who approach the company for the services might not be an expert every time. There might be beginners too. Therefore it is the duty of the web hosting company to provide the customers with all technical as well as infrastructural support for them to move on successfully. After all the satisfaction of the customers must be the ultimate goal of a web hosting company.

There are lot of reviews that are almost genuine and unbiased to a large extent. The web hosting ranking needs to be clean and perfect too. Some of the most trusted hosting reviews are: –

  • Media Template reviews
  • Siteground reviews
  • iPage reviews
  • Blue Host reviews
  • A2 Hosting reviews
  • In Motion Hosting reviews
  • Blue Host reviews
  • Arvixe reviews
  • Just Host reviews
  • Web Hosting Hub reviews

Do I need a special company for JSP web hosting?

JSP or otherwise called as Java Server Pages is a newly invented technology that is used for controlling the appearance and content of a web page with the help of servlets. Servlets are specified in a web page. They are small programs that keep on running on the web server. They help in modifying a web page before sending it to the customer who has requested for it. JSP scripts are supported by basic, business and reseller hosting plans whereas the windows hosting plan does not support JSP. JSP was released in the year 1999 for the dynamic generation coming ahead. The framework for this web hosting server is mainly XML and HTML.

How JSP works?

JSP or Java Server Pages is actually a server- side programming language. It is very easy to deploy as well as to run a JSP page. The basic requirement to setup JSP is to have a compatible web server along with a servlet container such as Jetty or even Apache Tomcat. The best 5 hosting companies that backup and support JSP web hosting are: –

  • Arxvie: – This is a mature hosting provider with a lot of options and a good package. This host provides business class shared hosting service.
  • A2 Hosting: – It is one of the great VPS hosts that supports JSP web hosting through Tomcat VPS hosting.
  • Rose Hosting: – It is a British web hosting company of VPS that provides Tomcat or JVM package for its VPS web hosting.
  • Mocha Host: – This JSP web hosting supports the budget price and offers a wide variety of shared hosting, reseller hosting, JPS hosting and other dedicated services too.
  • Web Faction: – This web hosting company is mainly based on England as well as Wales and has been in business right from 2003. It supports a wide variety of technologies and other programming languages too.

JSP Features

  • Price: – In the recent days of economic turmoil, it is a wise choice to select JSP as the web hosting server as it helps to cut the company’s cost as much as possible.
  • Reliable: – This web hosting company has proved their excellence in this field right from the past and therefore the users can trust JSP completely.
  • Bandwidth: – JSP web hosting server supports greater bandwidth which will help in improving the browsing speed as well.
  • Customer service: – JSP web hosting services provides a wide variety of customer support options in the form of mails, chat and telephone. The effective customer support provided by JSP servers keeps their customers satisfied and happy.

To conclude, JSP can be called as a niche back – end language that offers a specialized plan unlike normal web hosting companies. A lot of good hosts provide this service mainly on their VPS servers. The demand for web hosting companies supporting web pages developed through JSP is increasing day by day since more and more developers choose JSP to create their web pages.

Should I rely on web hosting reviews at Cnet?

CNET is the latest invention made by the American media website that helps the customers by publishing news, blogs, articles and reviews based on all the technologies and other consumer electronics all around the globe. It helps in enriching your life by revealing to you what is new and what matters how the technology works. It also gives you all the necessary information, advices and other tools that are necessary to take decisions on what to buy and how to get the best benefit from out of the technology in your life. CNET was discovered in the year 1994 by Shelby Bonnie and Halsey Minor. Web hosting reviews CNET helps you to know more about various web hosting companies in detail.

Features of CNET:

  • You can get updates of the latest news about various technologies available in the market.
  • You can easily gain reviews about various products that are unbiased.
  • You can watch videos on various technologies and decide your choice of purchase accordingly.
  • You can gain lot of information on how to use a technology and thereby get the best out of it.
  • You can easily download various mobile applications, software and games too.
  • You can even post your opinions and suggestions on various products, technology and consumer products.



One of the main features of CNET is that it gives unbiased reviews about anything and everything. Thereby, the customers can very well trust and go ahead with their options on technology or electronic products along the opinions provided in the CNET. Web hosting reviews by CNET provides are 100% trust worthy and dependable. The best example for this statement is the following that CNET receives in various social networking sites. CNET has a large number of fan following in Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on.

What are the options provided by CNET?

CNET is available everywhere and you can easily get access to CNET through your computer or even with the help of a mobile phone. It is very easy to join the CNET group as you simply need to register your email in order to receive the newsletters and other articles. The membership is free of cost. CNET is a necessity for every single person in today’s world. Various options available under CNET are: –

  • Mobile and Apps: You can visit the CNET from anywhere with the help of a mobile phone. You can receive all the reviews, updates and other articles on any products and technologies with the help of mobile phone. You can even watch videos with a simple touch on your mobile phone. You can also use the TV applications in order to get CNET videos.
  • RSS: – Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is helpful for publishing videos, pictures and other reviews on the website in the standardized format. It is based on XML It is used to cover the whole story with the help of various links, descriptions and other headlines. This facility even makes it more interesting to use the CNET and attracts more users towards it. Therefore, it is undoubtedly stated fact that you can very well rely on CNET for getting reviews on web hosting.

Save money on hosting by using Hostgator coupon codes

Hostgators are the most leading web providers of shared hosting, VPS hosting and other dedicated servers. These hostgators will help you to eat up the competition. It has the world’s most supporting infrastructure. The hostgator was discovered in the year 2002 by Brent Oxley. It helps you to take care of the web properties and provides other great features too.

What are the benefits of hostgator coupon codes?

Discounts on hostgators web hosting services will provide web hosting service at low expenditure. The use of coupon codes will not reduce the quality of the web hosting services. The first and foremost benefit of hostgator coupon codes is that it helps the company to reward the existing customers and helps to attract new customers to the company. This service will help you to have the best package along with cost effective hosting plans. A hostgator coupon code will help you a lot while running an online business enterprise. In today’s world, a hostgator has a high demand and there are a lot of provisions along with great features like cPanel user controls. It is easily applicable for a beginner as well as an advanced user. Another good quality of hostgator is that it does not charge any money for domain name services like that of other companies. Above all, the use of hostgator coupon codes will help you to get MySQL transfer as well as database, script transfer, website transfer and about 4500 web templates exactly at no extra cost.

What is the procedure of using a hostgator coupon code?


The process of using a hostgator coupon code is much simpler. The user needs to simply select the desired package you want at the hostgator website and just enter the coupon code and the discount will be provided when you pay the web hosting services. It is said that one picture equals to 1000 words. This service will help you to enjoy the monthly bandwidth and at the same time unlimited storage space too. It helps you with money back guarantee within 45 days’ time if you are not satisfied with the service of the hostgator service, but you can be assure that there won’t be a need for this option as you will find this service worth using. This service will help you to save money on hosting by using hostgator coupon codes.

What are the features of hostgator coupon codes?

Studies have shown that hostgator now hosts almost 9 million websites of customers from over 200 countries and hostgator coupon codes will help you to cut down the hosting expenditure up to 30% off. This has become a fast growing service because of its salient features. In short, the user can save money on hosting by using hostgator coupons in a simple way. It provides excellent backup as well us support to the customers with the help of tutorials, forums, etc. It provides many free services like free templates, designs and so on. Users gain access to unlimited bandwidth and speed by using hostgator coupon codes in an effective manner.